Aircraft Battery LiFePo4             

Aircraft Battery LiFePo4

Datasheet12V/20Ah - 24V/20Ah12V/18Ah - 24V/18Ah
length181 mm181 mm
height167 mm167 mm
width77 mm77 mm
weight3.44 kg6.25 kg
operating temperature-20 +60 °C-20 +60 °C
max. discharge400A, 10sec (1min)300A, 10sec (1min)
discharge I20A20A
charging I10A10A
minimum U10.7V10.7V
Price without VAT12V/20Ah 4900 CZK12V/18Ah 1990 CZK
Aircraft Battery LiFePo4 12V 20Ah Aircraft Battery AGM 12V 18Ah
Aircraft Battery LiFePo4 24V 20Ah Aircraft Battery AGM 24V 18Ah

The Aircraft Battery LiFePo4 12-24 volt is suitable for installation in small aircraft and helicopters, particularly for his weight suitable for MTOW (maximum takeoff weight) machines. LiFePO4 technology is very safe with no memory effect, does not react with oxygen dampness and therefore no spontaneous combustion. For charging, you can use the common charger for AGM-GEL-LF batteries. The system is a series connection of 24V batteries 2x 12V.

(CAUTION LiFePO4 battery newly purchased in retail generally do not meet stated capacity !! Battery 12V 20Ah must pay for 20 hours - 1A discharge to 10.7 volts standard c20)

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