Aircraft Battery NiCd         



customers who operate air activity we offer a product, increase the capacity of your battery NiCd aircraft used about 70% to 100%.

Price for the particular aircraft battery is 420,- EUR by cousse.

Life after adjustment is from two years and more by cycling baterie. Just like this modified batteries already used in several companies operating in the Czech Republic Turbolety.

20 NKBN 25 - 1.2V /25Ah (spare part)

20 NKBN 25 - 1.2V /25Ah (reserve cell)

Price 230,- EUR
Price may fluctuate due to the exchange rate of the Euro
Compensation - 20 25H1CT FP-R
SAFT 20 VHP 260 KH
20 NKBN 25-Y

Installation in aircraft batteries 24V / 25 Ah

minimum discharge time - 250 A 4.5 min to 16 volt
length, width, height368 x 174 x 226 mm
working temperature-40c až + 60°C
weight28 kg


AIRCRAFT NiCd CHARGER 24V/14A, 24V/25A and 24V/50

Nabíječe slouží k nabíjení leteckých NiCd - AGM akumulátorů, s tekutým elektrolytem jmenovitého napětí 24V.

NiCd - Maximum charge voltage of 30V (adjustable)
AGM - The maximum charging voltage of 28.5 V (adjustable)
Float voltage below 2.5A 27.4V ±0.2V
The maximum charging current of 50A, 25A or 14A (depending on the type of charger)
The charger is a three-stage characteristic IUoI. After the charging process, the charger automatically switches to maintenance mode. The charger is short-circuit proof and is protected against overload. Attention chargers are not resistant against reverse polarity. The charger is equipped with a switch and LED indicator light. The green LED indicates that power is on. Orange signal indicates charging.

Mobile starter feed

24V/180Ah (1000A SAE)

2x Battery 12V/180 VARTA SHD 1000A (vibration-resistant)

The device can freely move along the tarmac and in adverse weather conditions. After inserting the connector on-board batteries are disconnected and start being only through an auxiliary source. The device is switched on and off disconnect 1000A. The source can be recharged listed as air in this passage 24V/14A - 24V/25A - 24V/50A through connector 50A. When charging is complete, turn off and goes into maintenance mode. Jumper power saving precious board NiCd battery, which is reflected in their lifetime.
Width65 cm
Height60 cm
Weight100 kg

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