Monitoring and surveillance cars         

Surveillance monitoring cars

Surveillance Nissan Patrol
WV Transporter Nissan Patrol

These types of vehicles are used for protection of the state borders, ports, airports, oil refineries, and other areas of interest. They are the power supply, which the customer can chosen according to the desired length of the field and conditions. Resources are compiled from battery technology AGM, GEL, LIFEPO4 12, 24volt. In extreme conditions, are fitted temperature sensors and communicate with a charging source depending on the temperature. The monitoring system can automatically return to a specified monitored points, measure the distance location, movement and night followed by the record. The operator also has the overview of the state of the power system during a long operation will disconnect the entire device. The system can be installed in any vehicle Optional components due to the location and space, the basic outline of the vehicle remains at full modification completely unchanged. The entire device can operate 24 hours a day.

Stationary manipulator Surveillance system
Surveillance system Room for two operators
Nissan Patrol - site operator WV Transporter - operator
Landrower Nissan Patrol
Mercedes Sprinter Mercedes Sprinter
Nissan Patrol Operator place
Airport surveillance car
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